About Chris

Chris Weaver has been in the hi-tech startup world since 1994, working from the inside out.  He’s helped design video-conferencing systems, video surveillance systems, multimedia adapters, massively multiplayer video game engines, iPhone apps and even a few consumer electronic devices.  He’s just as comfortable working in embedded C as he is higher up the stack – C#, XML, SOAP, AWS or iOS.  He has a unique ability to understand the complete technology system from web to metal.

After living though several startups – some even successful – he headed to business school to fill out his understanding of how successful businesses operate.  In school, he rigorously dug into over 300 real-world case studies, worked the financials and learned to look at the world while standing in the customer’s shoes.

Chris is passionate about making people’s lives better by applying technology – a Human Experience Optimization Engineer.  He especially gets excited about intelligent, connected embedded devices and is often pondering how he can make the dumb devices that we interact with daily smarter.  He’s been getting people excited about the Internet of Things for years, although he didn’t have quite a snappy name for it.

Chris also enjoys helping small- to medium-sized companies overcome growth barriers or reexamine strategies.  He’s worked with several clients to help them optimize their businesses, re-focus their product lines, and plan out digital strategies.